Autism Awareness Education for CA

Despite a growing familiarity with the clinical side of autism, many people, especially children and young
adults, don’t fully understand what it means to have Autism Spectrum Disorder. As educators, your job is to
make sure your students are educated and well-rounded when it comes to the world around them, and Autism Is
wants to help promote autism awareness in California (CA) schools.

We offer an autism awareness education program that has been approved by the California Department of
Education for any and all schools that want to help promote an understanding of autism and how to help kids
with this disorder.

Learn About Our Curriculum

Our evidence-based curriculum is for general education in the K-12 range. We created this curriculum to
help kids increase their understanding and awareness of other kids and adults with autism. We want everyone
to see how amazing individuals on the autism spectrum are, and we hope to help your students develop a lifelong understanding of autism.

The curriculum provides an interactive classroom experience, and it includes:

  • A documentary film about a boy’s journey with autism and how he found hope through music. It’s called
    “Bass Clef Bliss: Terrance’s Path.”
  • Three short films
  • A public service announcement
  • Ideas for supporting, loving, and understanding those on the autism spectrum

When you purchase this curriculum, you will get full lesson plans that will help you teach the information
to your students in the most effective way.

We know that individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder are different, but we also know that they are just
as friendly, warm, loving, and special as anyone else. They can bring smiles and happiness to everyone they
interact with. We want to help students understand this, and you can use the curriculum from Autism Is to
promote this understanding.

Contact us today to get started.